He Never Gave Up Hope

He was an unknown Writer 

He was not known outside his friends circle. He was a writer but his works no one knew. He wrote dramas that failed miserably to glow. 

He decided to migrate to the oriental literature & try his fate again. The persian poet Jami became his subject of research. From this love affair came out the English translations of Jami’s Salman & Absal to the world. 

This too further sealed his fate towards the oblivion unknown. 

He never gave up Hope 

But he never gave up hope. He decided to translate the Persian Quatrains of Omar Khayyam & spread the fragrance of poetic wisdom to the world. 

Thus came out one of the most famous translations of the Persian poetry ever. This work too did not generate the initial fame. 

But slowly it became the talk of English literary world.

Yes, I am talking about Edward FitzGerald and his magnum opus translation “The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam” 

The rare Thought Leadership 

There are rare occasions in the literary world where the writer as well as the subject of the book becomes equally famous. This was one such rare occasion when FitzGerald became a well known english literary figure & Omar Khayyam was pleasantly introduced to the western world. 

The rest all say is literary history. Without FitzGerald the world would not have known the beauty of the persian poetry & without the Quatrains of Omar Khayyam the literary world would have remained desolate. 

The message is that like FitzGerald never ever give up hope. But also be like Omar Khayyam to spread the fragrant wisdom to the world. 

This combination is the best the “ Thought Leadership” can afford.

Do you Concur ?