How Not To Have Bias

Those Who Read History

Those who has read History must have been surprised by this visible geographical representation of Ancient Egypt.

We must have thought that it is an error in the book.

Egypt was divided into 2 parts-the Upper & Lower Egypt in the ancient historical times.

But the Lower Egypt is shown at the Top (North) & the Upper Egypt at the Down (South) in the map.


The Bias ? 

This is due to the fact that the Nile river flows from the East African side to the Mediterranean Sea.

Similarly our mind most of the time gets surprised & Confused on certain visible representation of the matter.

We generally tend to reject facts that do not naturally fits into our inherited & socially trained perceptions.

This often leads to Cognitive Biases & Logical Fallacies in our leadership thoughts & actions.

This can also lead to compromised Problem Solving & Decision Making abilities.

Our Mistakes 

Most of the time the Leadership mistakes are due to our extreme dependence on our own inherited perceptions of the visible facts.

But we hardly process scientifically the visible representations to avoid cognitive biases & logical fallacies.

The art of Great leadership is to be like a good archaeologist.

Go on digging further..

You may even discover the Atlantis.

Am I right on this ?