How Plimpton 322 Can Teach You About The Secrets Of Thought Leadership

Your Some Truths Will Get Demolished Someday 

Suppose truths which we have been born believing into suddenly get questioned.

How do we react ?

Our responses to our own credible doubts are our first test of impartiality.

It is a commonly held belief that the Greeks taught the world the finer elements of Mathematics including Trigonometry. Hipparchus (100 B.C) is regarded as father of Trigonometry.

Plimpton 322

But the Babylonian Tablet Plimpton 322 recently decoded tells a different story altogether. This Tablet precedes Hipparchus by over 1500 years.  

Plimpton 322 reveals that the Babylonian were already using Trigonometry based on the sexagesimal system unlike the decimal system later used by the Greeks.  

Then who is the father of Trigonometry ? 

Learn the Lessons 

There are many lessons to learn from this factual observations. 

Our worldly truths are like the truths of the Cosmos. Always changing & perpetually surprising.  

Never ever fixate your mind and make it a slave to one dimensional thinking & perceptions.  

Always allow adequate space in your Thought Leadership for the new truths to reside.  

A closed mind is a dead mind just like the collapsed stars. It behaves like the Black Hole from where no light ever emerges.  

As leader of Thoughts & Actions we must first open up our minds to various possibilities. Obsession over any fixed facts actually prove to be only notions later on.  

Otherwise some Plimpton 322 may shatter our illusions someday. 

What do you say ?