How Smart Leadership Use Phenomenology For Success

Understand the Phenomena as they are 

Let’s see things as they really are & experience the phenomena as it would have actually occurred without attaching any of our own bias & prejudices. Let’s not derive conclusions simply by way of Induction & Deduction Method as in Natural science. Try to experience & understand the phenomena as a first person. 

The Concept of Phenomenology 

We must try to find out the " Intentionality" behind that phenomena. This is what philosophy of phenomenology is all about. German philosopher Edmund Husserl propagated it which was further carried forward by Heidegger, Sartre etc. 

Leadership & the Art of Phenomenology 

Ordinary Leadership style is more focused on the Natural science method of Observation & Analysis but less on the actual experience & Phenomena. Leadership is a function of complex human behavior, expectations, roles, Power etc which operates in layers of multiple human interactions.

Successful Leadership understands their roles not only from rational angles but more from the phenomenology perspectives. They take major decisions based on the experiences of the matter as it actually occurred rather than on mere rationality of the mind. Great leadership understands phenomena and their Intentionality better than the rest

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