How Successful Leadership View And Adopt Change

Everything is in the State of Perpetual Change 

The expanding universe, collapsing stars, the climate change, our ageing, our fortunes etc are all change. Irrespective of our wishes the change continues to happen. Change is involuntary & beyond control. It is not slave to our cravings. Change is Emotional neutral. Construction & Destruction both are changes. Change is Moral Neutral. It can be Ethical & unethical too. 

Change is Reference Based

To some people change is welcome. To others the same change is misfortune. Change is Reference based. From which Reference Point (RF) one views change determines whether change is Good or Bad. Every incoming change destroys the pre-existing. Change takes birth on the demise of something. To one perspective it means birth. To the other it means death. If change has so many colors dark & white, then what to choose what to despair? What we normally understand & accept change is from our Reference Point. If that change provides more benefit than loss, it is welcome

Leadership and Change 

The change that benefits is what leadership adopts & aspires for. That change is the "Collective Convenience" at that point of time. It is the greatest duty of leadership to see that incoming change is ethical, non destructive & not dark as far as possible. That's the only leadership control we have over change