How To Be Ready For The Coming Age Leadership

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The New Age

Have you ever realized that in the future we are going to face a situation in which most of our leadership activities and skills  would not be employed in the physical world but in the virtual world.  I think many would find it difficult to agree with me on this issue but this is the reality that is going to happen in a very short period of time, maybe a decade or so. 

Perhaps a decade back if someone would have said that we would be more preoccupied with our digital social life than the real physical life, the response would have been similar with disbelief.  

The Future

We humans have a tendency to mostly believe those things that our senses make us believe. Similarly we also believe certain things are impossible to achieve till it is achieved by someone. But most of the time we need to visualise things beyond our usual senses to understand the future realities. 

In the incoming Metaverse world most of the leadership skills of the physical world may need changes and even upgradation. We may have to learn many new leadership skills and also to recalibrate, revalidate and reset most of our leadership skills so that we can be able to face the new realities. 

Let us take for example this two year period of Covid pandemic which has necessitated Work From Home (WFH) as the new reality in our professional life. Similarly we have seen an emerging tribe of digital nomads who work for the companies but are not physically stationed at one place. They do not even Work From Home (WFH) like most of us do but they Work From Anywhere (WFA). Within two years only we have made a revolutionary jump from WFH to WFA which was even unthinkable till last year. 

The Changing Leadership Skills 

With these emerging trends of WFH and WFA we have already started changing our leadership skills to get attuned to this new non-physical workplace phenomena. The leadership in organisations across the world are learning new strategies, techniques and tricks of the leadership trade to lead their organisations and the people. 

Leadership cannot be dormant, constant and fixed but has to evolve and grow with the changing space and time. It needs to visualise things in the coming future and start reorienting itself to the coming era. This is precisely what we must do with our leadership skills and update it to prepare for the coming Metaverse world. 

The Metaverse

The Metaverse world will be the most sophisticated and integrated versions of the Internet, AI, VR, AR etc where every technology is likely to converge. The Metaverse world will be the Convergence point of the virtual world which would rival all the specialities of the real world. 

Our personal and social life is almost in the virtual world as of now  via the internet and slowly our professional life too is moving in that direction. The metaverse world would be our new future office world. Thus our leadership role would also be more in that professional world. 

The Big Question

The bigger Question is how we must change our leadership style to match that world which has still not arrived but would certainly arrive ? The simplest answer is to first understand in depth the metaverse world and then minutely follow the emerging trends in that sector. Once we start doing this it would help us in understanding the new leadership skills required for that world. 

The one thing that is obvious in the metaverse world is the role of imagination leading to creativity and innovations which is going to play the central role. This surely implies that those people who can employ their imaginations more than the knowledge and can create and innovate will be the new leaders of this coming world. 

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