How To Become A Leader From A Boss

The 99 % approve of it 

We were sure that the proposal would be accepted by our Head. There was practically negligible resistance to the plan. The Chief after listening to our proposal asked whether there is any negativism to this plan. We remarked that there are few people who are opposed but almost 99 % approve of this project in the unit. 

The dissenting voice & leadership 

The boss immediately remarked " We must listen to all dissenting voices even if it is the lone voice". He asked us to schedule combined meeting with those who oppose this plan. He wanted to hear all the sides & then conclude his decisions. He became a leader that day. From a Boss he became a leader

That day I learnt few important attribute of Leadership 

1. A true leader must hear both the sides
2. He must engage all stakeholders in the decision making process
3. He must not only be representative of few but for everybody in team & he must appear to be so also
4. The strength of any dissent does not depend upon its numbers but on the quality of the arguments
5. Similarly the effectiveness of any idea does not depend upon its popularity but on it's verifiable merits

Do you agree?

You are free to dissent & disagree with me on this topic