If You Cannot Imagine You Cannot Lead

Einstein & Imagination 

In 1929, Albert Einstein gave an interview to a newspaper where he famously said that “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited but Imagination encircles the world." He credits his success to his imagination than to his knowledge. 

With Imagination comes creativity. With Creativity  comes innovation. Perhaps this is the reason why we must focus more on imagination aspect of Education than mere Knowledge based. That’s why we must allow school children to imagine. Any system with Knowledge can create 9 AM to 5 PM workforce in abundance. But those with imagination can create innovators, creators & leaders. 

Leadership & Imagination 

Successful leaders have habit of imagination. They are not just a bundle of knowledge. When leaders have imagination, they create vision for the organization. Leader with high imagination powers have more chances of being successful. But most of the ordinary leadership survives on skills and domain knowledge only. They lack imagination and thereby the vision. That’s why visionary leaders are rare. 

Without vision no entity can survive change and competition. Leaders need to do Strategic Imagination to be successful. 

I hope you all agree ? Right.