If You Lack This Quality You Actually Lack Leadership


Cicero was a Roman Statesman, lawyer and one of its greatest orators. Cicero lived in Rome around First century B.C.

Sulla, the most feared military general of that time, ordered the property of an ordinary citizen to be auctioned in contravention of the existing laws. That property was purchased in auction by one of Sulla’s men at a very low price.

Roscius, the legal heir to the property, complained in court against the injustice of Sulla. The fear of military General Sulla was such that no lawyer took up the case of Roscius in court.

The Brave Lawyer 

It was Cicero who took up Roscius case in spite of knowing the grave danger. Through his brilliant analysis and oratory he won the case for Roscius against the military general Sulla. Cicero, just 27,had to flee his town to escape the wrath of Sulla.

True Leadership has Ethical Courage 

Great leaders have moral & Ethical courage. They take a public stand, speak and act against injustice, wrongdoings and tyranny. They do it even at the cost of great risk to their own security and career.

This one single quality separates the Great Leaders from Ordinary Leaders.