If You Want Leadership In Innovation Then Change The PSE Psyche

The PSE Mooring 

The Quality & Availability of Leadership in any society depend upon its Philosophical, Sociological & Educational (PSE ) mooringsHistory is witness that some societies produced stellar Leadership & that too in abundance. But some societies had a dearth of leadership. Leadership is not only about affairs of the state. It means the affairs of our entire life in every sectors of human activity

Why some societies had perennial source of innovators ?

One of the most important aspect of leadership is in the field of innovation. Some societies had perennial sources of innovators. Some did not. 

Why ?

Societies that espoused Imagination, creativity, critical thinking, speculation of universe, questioning attitude, entrepreneurship , technology , experimental ecosystem, free thinking, assimilation of ideas, acculturation etc in their PSE discourses produced leadership in innovations. Just for an example we cannot expect any society whose educational philosophy is based on acquiring 9 to 5 jobs to produce innovators. They mostly produce mere shadows and routine hands

Change the PSE Psyche 

To bring in leadership in innovations we have to change our PSE psyche. Otherwise many societies will continue to lack leadership in innovations.They will hardly produce Innovators

What is your opinion?