If You Want To Succeed, Develop Leadership Of Mind

If we are asked who Einstein was, almost everyone would answer it correctly. If asked for what discovery he was awarded the Nobel Prize (NP), most of us will say “The theory of Relativity(TR)”. 
But Einstein received Nobel Prize for the “Photoelectric Effect(PE)” & not for the theory of Relativity.

Why ?


Henri Bergson Disputes Einstein TR 
The Philosopher Henri Bergson disputed Einstein’s The theory of Relativity and said that it belonged more to the realms of Philosophy than Physics. 
The Nobel Prize committee accepted Bergson’s argument. That is why The theory of Relativity was not considered as a theory of Physics by the Nobel Prize Committee.  

Albert Einstein became a cult figure worldwide for The theory of Relativity & not for the Photoelectric Effect(PE)
Even during the Nobel Prize acceptance speech, he talked about  The theory of Relativity  and not about the Photoelectric Effect(PE). 

The Power of Perception 
This is what power of perception is. Almost everybody believes that  theory of Relativity is a subject of Physics & Einstein got Nobel Prize  for it. Perception can create an ecosystem of it’s own more powerful than Reality. Perception is the most potent tool in mind management. As everyday leaders of our own professions we must distinguish between Perception & Reality. We must research into things that matter to us. Let's not accept any facts just because it is famous. We accept things only if it is fact. Let's inculcate the art of discerning information

Separate the grain from the chaff

That’s the "Leadership of Mind"