If Your Mind Is Trained For This, Thought Leadership Would Be Easy

Metaphors are signs ...They are saying something

The Metaphors are the first signs of knowing things which are literally unconnected to each other. The Metaphors are the first flight of stairs to the realms of Metaphysics. 
What you see plainly are the obvious & the connected dots of our existence. What we don't see easily are the higher thoughts of existence. 


If we can tether the known with the unknown with metaphors our minds get trained to think beyond the common & the observable. 


Thought Leadership & Metaphors 

To understand the first step in "Thought Leadership" is to acknowledge the science of metaphors. 
If we cannot talk in two different planes at the same time by metaphors it simply means we may be lacking in conditioning our mind for the "Leadership of Ideas". 
To read a phrase is one aspect & to understand it is altogether another matter. But to relate it to the metaphors and give it wings of metaphysics is the higher dimensions in Thought process. 


Fathom The Untold 
Thought Leadership tries to fathom the untold from the common discernible language of every forms of communications. 

Those few eyes that see in the dark the same way as everyone sees in the light are the harbingers of Thought Leadership.  


They are the ones who never judge a verse merely by its rythym but do so by its metaphors. 
Try to find those metaphors in life. 
Find your own metaphors ?