Individual Greatness Is Nothing

The Manifestation 

Individual greatness is nothing but the manifestations of the invisble teamwork.

An individual would not have survived the hunting & gathering stages of evolution. It required immense teamwork to fend off the wild beasts & fury of nature to survive.

History teaches us that the first recorded civilization was the product of irrigation which required immense degree of team work.

The Sumerians 

The sumerians had to cooperate & coordinate with each other to make the irrigation system fruitful for all. Thus was born the need for the state & govt. and not because of security as is largely believed. 

With the irrigation came the surplus produce & with these came the need for the distant trade. The traders went about in groups & initially dealt business with the groups only. The Guilds were born & other systems & processes were operationalised. 

The common factor was cooperation, coordination & teamwork. 

The kings merely became the face of the greatness & success of the civilizations. 

The Successful Organizations 

The most successful organisations have the highest degree of coordination & team efforts inside them. The Good Leadership inside such organisations promote teamwork and as a natural reward they become the face of the success. 

This is the easiest way to attain success in leadership.