It Is Time To Know About The Heart Of Leadership

It is Not That Simple 

The simplest of the functions can hide behind it the most complex of the operations and processes. The end result of each and every operation is to produce some viable functions. Look at the working of our heart inside our body. The basic function of the heart is to pump the blood. Actually our heart is a pumping machine. That's all. It is that simple function. 

But are the operations and processes behind the simple function of “pumping” so easy as the function itself ?  Absolutely not. The operations and processes behind the heart as a pumping machine is unimaginably more complex than many pumping motors in the world.   

In Fact from my experience I have learnt that the simplest of the outcomes has the most  complex and abstract process behind it. If you do not believe me then simply look at the art of cooking.  Now I think you realised the point I was trying to make.

The Philosophy of The Matter 

The lesson learnt is that by merely looking at the functional aspect of any entity we cannot comment easily on its processes behind it. Just because the output ( the function) is simple it does not mean the process to produce that function will be easy too. A simple machine may not mean simple processes all the time. A seemingly simple problem may not necessarily mean a simple solution to solve it. 

If we look at it philosophically we realise that functionality and operationality are not linear nor follow the path of mathematical proportionality and neither does it honour the relationship of symmetry with each other. The  two elements of functions and operations exist as strangers in nature yet produce the functions that no intimate elements can ever produce. The philosophical lesson is that it needs some combining system to merge the complex operations towards the functional goal. For the heart it is the Autonomic Nervous System ( ANS) which acts as the combining system to produce the functional result by coordinating with the complex operations. The ANS is the leadership behind the operations and functions of the heart. 

Leadership is The ANS 

If you now look at the function of Leadership it looks so simple and easy. The simplest function of any Leadership is to influence people towards the desired goal. But is it so simple, clear  and easily doable as the functions make it out to be ?

Certainly  not. 

The process and actions involved to produce the desired goals is complex and it needs an Autonomic Nervous System  (ANS) type combining system. This is what we call Leadership in our psycho-sociological experience. For the organization to beat perfectly like the heart and pump  growth into it we need “Leadership” at the core of it. Without the leadership the symmetry will not be established between the function and the process.  

The Message 

For the leaders also there is an inherent philosophical message embedded inside the functioning of the heart. It says that if someone is producing functions which seem simple then do not rush to conclude that the effort put in it was also simple. 

Always remember as a leader that functionality (Output) has no straightforward relationship with the process ( Inputs or Efforts ) and this is a matter of minute observations only. So as a leader we must develop the Art of looking into the process also and not always base our understanding solely on what we simply perceive. 

This cardinal principle is the heart of Leadership. 

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