Know Your Leadership Style- Newtonian Or Quantum

Newtonian or Quantum Leaders 

Some physicists say that there are two worlds. The World of Big Objects (WBO) & the World of Small Objects (WSO). 

The WBO is the Newtonian world. The WSO is the Quantum world. The WSO does not follow Newtonian laws. 
The WBO is visible, observable & measurable. 

The WSO is Not
Yet Both of them exists & are the real worlds
But for many only WBO is the real world
Mostly both the world do not follow each other’s laws, trajectory, motions, styles etc. 

The Leadership Styles

Similar is the case of the two distinct worlds of leadership
One has a big aura, personality, is eloquent, has presence, always visible & seen in the action
The other is quiet, recluse, non domineering, believes mostly in delegation & is non glamorous
The first may be casually referred to as the "Leaders of the Newtonian world"
The other are the "Leaders of the Quantum world"
Both of them provide leadership to organisations they lead
But just because WSO is not perceivable to our common senses, it does not mean that Quantum world leaders do not exist

The best leadership styles 

Their contributions are as immense as the Newtonian World leaders
It is for the organisations & individuals to choose the world of leadership they want to belong to
What are your opinions ?