Leaders Must Do This To Succeed

Leaders Must Read Philosophy 
Successful Leaders read Philosophy. They use it to set higher purposes for their organisation. It gives meanings to their life.

What is EP ? 
What is Existentialist Philosophy (EP)?
· It is up to the individual to choose the life they think best and give purpose to it
· EP believes that Existence precedes Essence
· This means that man first exists without any purpose in this world
· Then slowly he interacts with the world and gains experiences of the world
· Afterward as a reaction to worldly experiences man defines the meaning of his life and of his existence
A successful leader will provide that missing worldly experience to his organisation to create purpose in life.
Jean Paul Sartre 
Jean Paul Sartre is almost synonymous with Existentialism Philosophy. Sartre made EP world famous through his book “Being and Nothingness”.
EP & Leadership 
An Accomplished leadership with the help of EP motivates the men in his organisation towards bigger goals. A failed leadership does not understand EP and ruins the purpose of the organisation