Leadership And The Art Of Not Obsessing

The King is Confined by illness

It was June 323 BC. Alexander the Great was gravely ill. The healers had advised him complete rest. He was not even attending the customary daily public appearances. There was total chaos in Babylonia. His condition was deteriorating. He was barely able to walk. He was confined to his private chamber with an audience to select few. But who were these select few whom he called to meet everyday in such precarious heath? They were not the doctors nor the seers. They were the military Generals to discuss the next conquest. 

The Vow to Conquer 

Except for the Arabian Peninsula all the lands had accepted Alexander’s authority. He wanted to defeat the Arabian chieftains. He vowed not to rest till he wins. His Doctors, Generals & Advisors all asked him to postpone his plan. He did not agree. He was so obsessed that he continued to make plans even one day before his death. 

Leaders must not have abnormal obsession

Abnormal Obsession of leadership is sure sign of disaster. Blunders of Leadership out of obsession can change the course of history for worse. Visionary Leadership must know when to obsess & when to be normal. This is also an art of leadership. Sometimes obsession doesn't mean you are serious. It simply means you lack the foresight & wisdom. 

Do you Agree ?