Leadership And The Philosophy Of Descartes

Rene Descartes 

Rene Descartes (17 Th Century, France) is often called the Father of Modern philosophy. He believed that we must always have skepticism about our own knowledge. Question your own knowledge. 

The Two Concepts 

Descartes two (2) philosophical concepts can be great lessons in leadership development.

1. ‘Cogito, Ergo Sum’  (I think, therefore I am)
Descartes propounded that if a man thinks, then it means he exists. Thinking is the basis of existence & knowledge.
Similarly a leader exists only when he thinks. A leader has to be a thinking man and not a deadwood. A leaders mind must think to plan, anticipate, strategize, innovate and create vision.
Review your beliefs 

2. Descartes says that always review your beliefs. To do so, analyze the source of your belief. If the source itself is unbelievable then you must discard that belief.

Leadership & Descartes philosophy

Leadership must also review their long held beliefs in strategy, tactics, methods etc by going into the sources. If you find mistakes discard those beliefs immediately. Question everything that matters. This will make your leadership style rational and professional rather than speculative and traditional.

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