Leadership Is Not About Irrational Obsession

To Obsess is To Dehumanize Ourselves

Anybody who has studied history knows about Julius Caesar. He was a Roman statesman & one of the finest military leaders from history. Such is his fame that his surname "Caesar" came to mean " The Emperor" in later years. 

Julius Caesar The Reader
He was an avid reader of history. Once, in Spain, he was reading the life of Alexander, the Great. Suddenly he started crying and was inconsolable. His friends were surprised and came running to console him. They asked the reason for the sudden distress. Caesar, while still crying, remarked "Alexander has already conquered half the world when he was my age. But I have nothing to show to the world till now". 

A very ambitious man 

Caesar was a very ambitious man. He was focused but also obsessed with his goals & success. We need not be like Caesar to be obsessed with our success. But we must definitely reassess ourselves often to check whether we are focused on our goals or not

Success & Obsession 

Success lies somewhere in the middle of obsession and ignorance. Obsession leads to dehumanization of ourselves. Ignorance leads to wastage of our talents & resources. Hence the search for the fine balance. That balanced scale is what competent leadership search for and then maintain their focus thereon.