Leadership Qualities We Sometimes Miss

The Genius Who Could Have Taken Over Leadership in Science 

He was a Mathematician during the Renaissance. Some credits him with invention of Probability Theory. Many cite his works on imaginary numbers. He is the first few to lay the foundations of Quantum Physics. He was also a certified Doctor. He could have provided effective leadership in science 

He wrote a book “Consolation” lamenting the death of his son. Some even say that Shakespeare copied from his book for his Hamlet “To be or not to be” speech. He was a genius whom the world has forgotten

You may be wondering who he is ?

The Qualities and Traits for Effective Leadership

He is Jerome Cardano, the Italian Genius who displeased the authorities of his time by his free contrarian views & rebellious character. He was a great gambler who discovered probability theory to win card games. His medical license was revoked due to his maverick actions

He had all the intellectual capacity to become the household name. Some part due to his own weakness of character & some due to the discrimination he remained an unknown name. 

There are many potential leaders in every field who have the intellectual capacity. But they lack the temperament & character to succeed. Others manipulate those weaknesses to make them fail. 

Perhaps they exhibit the qualities of a bad leader. They should have known the qualities of good leadership skills. They must know what should a leader do and what should a leader not do. This is why leadership is such an important skill for everybody.

Maverick geniuses must know about essential qualities that make great leaders. They must know the value of clarity, decisiveness and humility in the potential leadership. 

Provide Effective Leadership To Yourself First 

One must provide effective leadership to oneself first. If you fail here you fail everywhere. 

This is a lesson in good leadership.