Let Us Teach Philosophy In School

Let's teach philosophy to children

We teach history and literature in school. But one thing is missing. we do not teach philosophy in school. Why ?

Some argue it is difficult for children to understand. But so is mathematics & science. Some say it is too abstract for children to grasp. But there are many concepts in science & mathematics which are deeply abstract
Simplify it. 

we are simplifying others subjects to make it easy for the children to understand. Similarly we must simplify philosophy to make it understandable for the children. In this age even school children are sharing quotes which are of philosophical nature. They enjoy doing it without even knowing that it is philosophy. 

The children is the collective shared future 

Our children are our future. We want them to question & speculate everything. They must be fearless to speak their mind. Our future leadership must be compassionate. They must understand that it is the diverse concepts of ideas, ideologies, speculations etc which makes humanity and not anything that is uniform and rigid. 

They must know that individual success are ephemeral but shared success are lasting. It is not only materials that build the world but far more important is the character. It's the school where the future of humanity is made. 

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