Listen To It In Leadership Tactics

Think Over It 

Many of us are not good at it even though we may be at the commanding heights.

Most of the time we mistake the act of giving orders as part of this process.

This leadership style is the first requirement to overcome the situation during contingencies.

We fail mostly not because we lack the right solutions but we have absence of this ability.

Many leadership styles falsely assumes it to be more of the delegated roles.

Ignorance is Failure 

Those who ignore this ability during the normal times are likely to fail during the difficult times. This expertise is more a ingrained personality than a manufactured momentary style.

We read it everyday in the newspapers as the sole reasons for the success or the failure.

What I am discussing about is the “Art of Coordination” in the leadership style.

Many mistake that hierarchy is the substitutes for coordination. No, it is not. It is more of an additional advantage to the art of coordination.

Rather than leave it to the usual process, smart leadership coordinates to the last man & the endmost issues whenever required. By this they are enhancing the culture of the communication process.

It helps ultimately in fixing responsibility & accountability during the crisis.

Thought #leadership values it highly.