Never Do This To Your Intellect

Our Mind 

Our mind is the greatest slave to the standard experience. It typically asserts to behave in the regulated format as it is the easiest response to any stimulus.

Standardisation is for the machines what diversity is for the humans.

Systemisation of our mind is the journey towards mechanization of our intellect. Our mind is not created to accept things as they are and to imitate things as they appear beyond a point.

It is the infinite bundle of energy to think & seek beyond the obvious.

When in matters of intellect if standard solutions are offered it is always fruitful to pause & think.

Is there any other solution to it ?

Never Do This To Your Mind 

We must never offer our mind the low hanging fruits of intellect. Standardisation of this process often leads to permanence of our low intellect & thinking capacity.

The mind becomes fossilised for posterity.

The external stimulus in the form of opinions, discussions, debates, knowledge etc must never be regimented. Our mind must interact with all the diversity of thoughts in the universe.

Most of the time the “Truth” is never a homogenised entity. Truth is actually a journey in diversity of thoughts.

The Great souls & Great #leadership understand this elementary truth of our mind.

Do you ?