Never Ever Commit This Sin In The Leadership Of Ideas

Some Ideas Fade into Oblivion. Why ? 
Some great Ideas faded into oblivion. Some ordinary Ideas took the centre stage.
Why ?

Sometimes the delivery mechanism of the idea is far more important than the idea itself
The User Experience UX. 
We have seen that some Apps & Websites create waves of public recognition and admiration. But others of the same contents & value could not create the same buzz.

The reason lies in the “User Experience UX” Design. 

In the “Leadership of Ideas” the UX is the communication style & mechanism adopted to catch the imagination. 

Sometimes we over value the Matter & neglect the Phenomena which will sustain that Matter itself. 

Create the Ease of Understanding the Ideas 
Once an Idea is established twice the effort must be made to create its UX Design. Content is more likely to be accepted if the ease of accessing & understanding the content is flawless & entertaining. 

Richard Feynman lectures on Physics is far more famous & understood than Leonard Susskind talks. 

The answer lies in the UX of their delivery & communication mechanism but not much in their content & Ideas. 

Do Not commit this Sin Ever 
Never ever put the onus of understanding your Ideas on the audience. It speaks volumes about the communicator & not the receptor. 

Winning leadership understands this reason behind success. 

Such leadership invests in their UX Design.  They do not overlook it. 

Are you doing it ?