Never Ever Compromise On This Aspect In Leadership

Your Ideology 

Your ideology is known by the thoughts you keep & your vision is known by the dreams you hold
But before that your character is known by the company you keep.

In the arena of leadership the kind of people you surround yourself with determines your ideology, vision & ultimately your character.

As a leader you must not compromise on the quality of talents nor on the character & personality of those talents.

The success & failures more often than not depends upon the teams you lead.

Do Not Dig Your Own Grave 

Leaders must not dig their own graves by creating teams that ultimately write their obituaries.

The teams the leaders create are reflections of their destiny. They foretell the future even before the journey begins.

Wise leadership bestows the maximum attention to the people they are exposed to the most.

They select the best of the talents with the most impeccable character possibly available in the organisation to intereact.

Never Compromise 

Great leadership may compromise on talents but never on the character.

Shallow talents can fail some missions but low characters can destroy the reputations forever of the leadership.

That is why isolation is preferred over defective company.

Never ever compromise on the company you keep.

That's good leadership.