Never Ever Give Up On Your Dreams

That Mercurial Run 

That little nudge to the ball, that mercurial run, that sudden & swift dribblings, that perfect passes & then that physics defying free kicks.

You came to this world to show us the beautiful art of football. There will never be another like you.

The greatest goal ever from the greatest footballer ever from the greatest world cup edition ever.

It was a bliss to witness this match during my school days. The memory of this goal is still lingering. Many say that diamonds are forever but I believe that some fragrances are immortal & forever.

Who can forget the pain & agony on the face after being sidelined due to injury in 1982 World Cup. Everybody wrote him off.

But he defied everybody. He shone like the brightest star in 1986 world cup and won the cup.

That's true grit & leadership.

He may have scored few goals less because he passed on the balls to others to score the goals. Who can forget his pass to Buruchaga to clinch the deal.

That's leading the team with comaraderire.

He exhibited the Thought Leadership in soccer. He is the thought Leader of his domain.

That's why I am writing about him as he belonged to the examples of exemplary domain visionaries.

RIP legend.