Never Ever Steal From This Treasure

You Know It For Sure 

You already know it but you must visit it again.
There is no harm in repeating good things.

Our everyday is almost segregated into 3 distinct parts.

The first part A is reserved for our work, business, careers etc.

The next B is for our personal life & associated chores.

The rest C is generally supposed to be our sleep.

There is almost historical consensus that A, B & C must be equally divided into 3 parts of 8 hours each.

But is it so ?

Revisit it 

We have created a false halo around those who invest more in A by stealing from B & C even when they have reached position of stability.

For freshers at least we can understand the intracacies.

The greatest mistake people are making is that they are stealing more from C now than ever. We have already stolen so much from B.

But investing more in A beyond a point does not guarantee success. It does though signify poor leadership qualities.

The scientific truth is that we must never steal from C.

The Truth 

If you invest 1/3 in your C it definitely has good bearings on your B & C as well

To sleep comfortably & peacefully is a good sign of your existence. This can increase your #leadership abilities too.

To be a good Thought Leader you must sleep 1/3 of your day.