Never Fear Failure If You Are A Leader

Hannibal, the Great General 

Hannibal, the Carthaginian, is regarded as one of the greatest military generals of history. The Carthaginians had a running generational feud with the Romans. Hannibal's father was defeated by the Romans in the war. Hannibal vowed never to be the friend of the Romans. He kept his promise till his last. 

The Great March of Hannibal 

The march of Hannibal (218 BC) from today's Spain via France by crossing the Alps to reach nearby Rome is unprecedented in military history. He marched with elephants & huge troops which is unbelievable even today. This march is still taught in military tactics. 

Never has any General marched so long to honor his father's promise. He waited for Roman army to come out & fight the open battle (2nd Punic War). But the Romans never did it. They fought small skirmishes. Hannibal returned by defeating the Romans but without capturing Rome. 


The Leadership Lesson 

Sometimes the work, the vision & the journey of a leader is so great, mammoth & unbelievable that win & defeat doesn't matter. What matters more is the innovation, risk, execution & leadership that has been on display. History remembers for eternity. Do not fear failure

Do not fear failure if you have Hannibal's vision. Just march on & cross the Alps. You will be the trendsetter.