No Worthy Leader Will Ever Display It

Things That Are Not Expressed 

Our deepest feelings lies in emotions that are never explicitly expressed. Our greatest learning are those essence which are not in the forms.

The biggest lesson that can be learnt from Philosophy, History & Literature (PHL) is inside its soul.

Hubris And Its Failure Cycle 

The Sumerians were displaced by the Akkadians, they by Assyrians, they by Babylonians, they to Persians.

A Persian king mocked Alexander by sending him a toy.

Within few years he was lost in history.

The same Alexander could not win with the Arabs.

The Romans swelled with pride but made way to the Arabs. The Arabs thought they had no equals. The Mongols laid them to ground.

The Mongols thought they represent the wrath of God but were undone by the Egyptians & Turks.

The Turks passed it over to the Europeans. Then Napoleon thought he could do anything.

He met the Waterloo.

The English thought they reign till Hitler came.

Hitler was consigned to dustbin by the Allies.

The colonialist thought they can rule forever till Gandhi, Mandela etc. came.

Never display Hubris for nothing is permanent.

Learn From History 

History is the graveyard of hubris & Philosophy is school of life.

Literature is sweet warning language emanating from that graveyard & school.

This is the leadership lesson we carry forward in our life forever.