Perspective is Everything 

When we talk about the Greek Civilization, we are generally talking about the Athenians. We are seeing history from the POV of the Athenians. We are not witnessing history from the perspective of the Corinthians, Spartans, Thebans or anyone else. 

The celebrated intellectual E. H. Carr says that we must find the missing POVs of everybody to understand the real history behind any history. 

Everybody's perspective is essential in understanding the completeness of any issue. Those who seemingly matter less actually matters more in the real facts. 

The Complete Perspective 

This is equally true for leadership. The completeness of the perspective is essential to the success of the leader. A leader must have eyes & ears to find & listen to all the unheard voices in the organisation. 

Unrepresented, Unheard & Silenced Voices Are Graveyards of Leadership

Those who represent more, shout more & have more access to leadership necessarily does not mean more facts. Smart leadership must know this truth

The Visionary Leadership.  

The visionary leadership is the one whose perspectives are wider than the organisation they represent. Their vision must be like the bird's eye view of the whole. It must see everybody from the top view only

What do you say ?