Poetry As A Leadership Tool Of Imagination

The Thinker & Poetry 

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and the understanding of the poetry exists in the expanse of the thinker.

The more we can imagine the more its meanings would dawn on ourself.

Poetry has both earthly and heavenly aspect to it. The perception of the reader decides whether the understanding is concrete or the abstract.

If we are leaders in our thoughts we would go beyond the realms of the obvious.

Our horizon of understanding will surpass the boundaries of the limitations of the facts.

See Beyond The Obvious

What we see are not always what is being shown. What we read mostly is not what has being written. What we generally understand is not what was being conveyed.

So give wings to our Thoughts and demystify the meanings of the melodious combination of the words that is poetry.

Poetry is the art of leadership in words. It conveys to us the deeper existential truths in the most polite of the manners so that we can prevent ourselves from the harshness of the life.

The purpose of poetry is to wean us away from being a mere biological entity to the higher services of humanity.

Let our Thought Leadership be like the poetry whose visible part is melodious, rythmic & harmonious & the essence aspect is humanely permanent.

What do you say?