Successful Leadership Never Commit The "Kodak Mistake"

Never Deny the Incoming Change 

Those who deny the incoming change deny the future. There are very few cases in corporate history as lesson worthy as that of Kodak. For decades Kodak denied & refused to accept the incoming revolution in Digital Photography.

The Kodak Mistake 

It is more ironic that it was Kodak's engineer who first invented the digital camera. But the Kodak leadership were unimpressed as it was film-less photography. The technology was kept aside. It turned out to be one of the greatest sightlessness in corporate history

Those who anticipate the Disruptive Changes 

We anticipate so many things in our daily life. But most of them bear little or no significance to our greater fortunes. But if we can anticipate those “Disruptive Changes” that transform our lives, then it actually matters on the ground. We save so many lives in cyclones, typhoons etc


Because we see the problems before it strikes.

The Anticipatory Leadership 

One of the great qualities of leadership is to anticipate changes specially the Disruptive Changes. They smell opportunities before others. That is why they are well prepared when change strikes. This is called Anticipatory Leadership(AL). Those leaders who develop AL has more chances of success than those who don't

That leadership will never commit the “Kodak Mistake