The AI And Single Point Leadership

Everything is in Flux 

Everything seems to be in flux. Nothing is remaining constant. There is no guarantee of stability. 

The rate of change is astounding. It is becoming difficult to remember the last change. Change is the new normal. 

It is more so in the field of technology & its associated interactions. 

Leadership Concepts will Change 

It is imperative that change will occur in the concepts of leadership to match the rate of change outside. 

Till now we have two stakeholders in the idea of leadership- the concepts & the humans. But the new age will have the 3-Way-Matrix- the Concepts, Human & the Machines (AI). 

The Single Point Model

Our new partner (AI) will bring unthinkable changes in the leadership domain. It will delete, modify & revise our old concepts towards new models of thinking. 

Some thinking has already started on this front. It visualises to change the 3-way-Matrix to the single unifying Dot Point Model.  

This Model seeks to replace the Concepts & the Human elements to only AI.  

The AI will become the Concepts as well as the Human as per the demands of the situation. The AI will be the leader & the follower. It will be the conceptualizer as well as the Executor. 

This model has already started working when we talk about creating systems where there are minimal human interactions. The Fintech entities are the emerging prime examples.  

The Governance Model in public Services are also not far behind 

The Moot Question 

But the moot question to ask is whether it emancipates the humans or further recreates the same leadership model in a different Avator. Or it is also possible that it may create a better leadership Model. But the chance for  the error must be minimal for we are dealing with the superhuman (AI). 

The answer to the above questions lies in our constant discussions over the period of time.  

But one thing is sure.  The way we look at leadership will certainly change forever. 

Do you feel the same way ?