The 4.5 Billion Year Old Stranger And The Thought Leadership

The 4.5 Billion Year Old Stranger 

The journey of 200 million miles. The journey to meet a stranger whose age is 4.5 billion years old. The same age as our Earth.

Imagine waiting for 3 years for the messenger to come & deliver the message from the stranger. Envisage the efforts that will go in to decipher the encrypted message & understand the mind of the old stranger. 

And the message is nothing but 60 grams of dust, dirt & few pebbles. 

Then you realise the fact that the messenger after delivering the message will go into the oblivion never to be seen again. 
Apparently it would look simply outrageous to undertake such a long long journey for just dirts, dusts & pebbles 

Would you plan for such an arduous journey ever ?

NASA Osirex-Rex & Bennu 

Yes. I am talking about the expedition of NASA’s Osiris-Rex to asteroid Bennu to find the truth about our universe. The truth that would also reveal us about our own human origins. 

Some journeys are undertaken simply for the essence & not for the face value of it. Such travels are meant to push you beyond the limits of your own capacity. 

The Thought Leadership 

Sometimes in life some people show similar courage to undertake such a vast, long & visionary intellectual journey. They set the bar of Leadership of Ideas much higher for ages to come. 

They create their own Bennus & reach there. 

Such people create the new Thought Leadership.

Will you ?