The 7 Seven Signs Of SPM Leadership

The 7 Signs 

I will tell you the 7 signs of SPM we must know. I have come across many people who were bright & sharp.

Yet some of them could not make any mark inspite of having all the right ingridients..

Why ?

The answer lies in the minds & the resultant approach.

Most of them lacked the "Solution Provider Mindset" (SPM).

Untill unless you don't solve some problems your knowledge & skills dont carry much weight. You lose reputations slowly.

The SPM 

I will highlight here the 7 lively signs of the " Solution Provider Mindset" which I learnt from my career.

- They never hesitate to accept the existence of the problems even if it is of their own doings.

- They show less interest in blame game.

- They invite & colloborate with others to solve the problems.

- They are very good listeners.

- They always belief that solutions exist without an iota of doubt.

- They are not magicians but have immense patience for trial & error theory.

- They also know that they may fail & even get blamed for further complications. Still they do it for they take risks in life.

The Lesson 

The lesson in leadership is simple.

If you can solve the problems then you are on the path to leadership in your domain.

The world needs solutions not mere posturings.

Be the solutions you want to see.