The Art Of Leadership In Literature

The Leadership in Literature 

The day of 27th December, is the birthday of a great man who gave new Thought Leadership to humanity through literature.

He is the greatest Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib.

Rarely is a man so endowed with greatness that the whole literature is synonymous with him.

He wrote about every emotions but merged it with the highest metaphysical tinge.

The Couplets Dipped in Philosophy 

His opening couplet in his Divan explains Mysticism philosophy like none other.

"Against whose mischievous writing is the impression of complainant?/
Made of paper is the attire of the countenance of every image"

He first propounded on "Existentialism" even before any modern philosophers touched it

"In our gaze is the path of oblivion Ghalib/
this is the binding thread of scattered signatures of the world"

Ghalib was a poet of Dialectics in the highest forms of metaphors

"Ask me the fate of your half-drawn arrow/
Where would be the heart-rending pain, had it been through?"