The Art Of Thinking

The Audio-Video Civilization (AVC)

The audio-visual content to our brain is simply astonishing. Our eyes & ears are the busiest of all the organs. The brain is simply acting as our dump-yard and not the storehouse. This is the age of audio-video civilization(AVC).  Where is the time to process & disseminate the correct information to ourselves also. We are overwhelmed with the audio-visuals sensations to our existence. 

The Biggest Casualty is The Art of Thinking 

The greatest casualty is the art of thinking. We are no longer the proponents of “Cogito, ergo sum”. We are no longer doubting the things as we should have. We are simply accepting & consuming the information as they are fed to us. 

Once while going along with a friend for dinner, the philosopher Socrates suddenly started thinking on an issue. He thought there standing on the road for hours till his friends brought him home

There is no need to think for hours. But we must think for those hours which matters. 

The Emergence of Leadership Suffers 

The loss in the art of thinking by society will cost the emergence of good leadership in future. We will have leaders who will not create new ideas. We would have Leaders who will be mere slaves to AVC than those who doubt, think & lead people. We need thinking leadership more than the parroting one

Time to think
Any doubt ?