The Big Bang Message In Leadership

Our universe was formed some 14.4 billion years ago by the Big Bang phenomena. This is a known consensus in the scientific world but the Big Bang did not immediately create the Earth. 

It took almost 10 billion years more after the Big Bang for the earth to be formed out of the gigantic cloud of gas called the Nebula. To put it more simply, the earth was formed some 4.6 billion years ago from today.  

You must be wondering as to why I am presenting the already known scientific facts before you. My intention is not to tell you the scientific facts but to convey to you an important message that “in every scientific fact is always embedded some philosophical messages”.  The purpose of our mind is to understand both of them. This approach would create more visionary Thought Leadership and provide to some of us the edge in the “Leadership of Ideas”.

The philosophical message inherent in the formation of our earth is simple.  For great things to happen it takes time. Not every loud, shining and glittering event in your life guarantees you the big ticket success immediately. Maybe the Big Bang in our life is just an announcement for the great creation ahead. Further, never mistake the Big Bang for your earth. Most of us just do that. 

Again if we delve deep into the formation of the earth we realise that life did not begin on it immediately after its formation.  It took almost millions of years for the gases to cool down and be suitable for the earth to host life as we know it today.  

The next obvious question is what made the earth host life on it and not the other planets and terrestrial bodies ? One may just call it the freak of phenomena from the purely scientific and physical point of view. But I am more interested in the perception beyond the physicality of the event. As usual I intend to seek the philosophy inherent in the physical & scientific process. 

If we want to host life within ourselves and to succeed in our existence, we have to reinvent ourselves, after our formations, just like the earth. Most of us do not reinvent ourselves all our life and are simply content with our formation or the physicality of it. 

Those who keep reinventing themselves become the earth. Those who remain static are the other planets and the celestial bodies.    

I personally believe that inherent in every scientific phenomena is definitely some philosophical message. Most just get fixated on the scientific process but do not look for the other great message embedded in it : The philosophy of the whole process. 

The progress of the mind only becomes effective when we convert our sensory perceptions into the higher dimensions of thinking. We have to look beyond our senses so that our mind analyses far into the realms of imagination. 

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