The Brilliant Blunders And The Leadership

He Needs No Introduction 
Einstein needs no introduction. We expect everything new & fascinating from him. We hardly doubt him on his theories. In fact his every theory is regarded as "scientific gospel". 

Such is His Reputation of Imminence
Yet he made the biggest mistake of his life. He made this mistake in astrophysics by telling the world that the universe is constant. He even introduced his now infamous “Cosmological Constant” into his equation in 1917
But when in 1929 Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is not static but expanding, the Astrophysics world was stunned
The Brilliant Blunder 
Einstein accepted his mistake & in 1931 disowned his own Cosmological Constant.  A full 14 years after its creation. 

Einstein himself is said to have observed that this was his Biggest Blunder. Some called it the “Brilliant Blunder”

The Ethical Leadership 
Here it shows the highest attribute of any leadership. That is to accept their mistakes & not the ego. 

Making mistakes is not the issue by any leadership. All make mistakes. But deliberately persisting with those mistakes to hold onto the image is a blunder. 

Ethical leadership does not do it. They accept mistakes & defeat with grace. 

That makes them even greater. 

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