The Earliest Recorded Treatise On Philosophy

Philosophy is As Old As Man 
Philosophy is as old as the human’s age. The day we started thinking and contemplating we started philosophizing. This was a rudimentary step sans any coherence. Yet it was the start of the search for wisdom. 

The Earliest Philosophy 

Everybody knows that Philosophy began with the Greeks in 6th century B.C. But this is not the case. The oldest known philosophical treatise was written on a clay tablet by an unknown Babylonian king around 2500-2000 B.C. The writing is titled “The philosophy of an unknown King”. Sample one stanza of the philosophy below : 

"The fruit of death
may the man eat,
and yet the fruit of life
may he achieve"

Nothing Has Changed 

Humans have been engaged with the question of life and death since ages. We still ask the same questions as asked by the philosopher king above. It seems nothing has changed. We still remain unanswered on the philosophy of existence.  This is the only subject matter on which we remain as clueless as the first man. .

Is it not ?