The Exclusion Principle Of Our Life

The Exclusion Principle of Our Self Discovery 

In the endless desire to know everything & everybody, we are discovering less about ourselves. To really discover oneself we need to ask as to what we don't want in life. This may be theExclusion Principle (EP) of our self discovery

How to Do it 

The caveat is that it has to be self checked, updated & balanced regularly. The EP is more fruitful in the long run than the Inclusive one. Take a little time away from the everyday noisy life and ask what we should not avarice for. This EP list can be very productive, meaningful & persisting if prepared after a thorough debate with our own inner self. After EP, whatever remains may be the Real You. But it is not a one time process. The activity of balancing and re balancing of desires goes on. The clearing of clutter from our own self is an ongoing affair

It Will Create Great Leadership Abilities in You

This is what is the first Evolutionary Process in leadership. You know what you “Do Not Want” so that you focus on “What You Want”. You should be the primary leader to yourself first . The chances are that this method of self leadership will form the firm basis for further successful leadership in any arena

This is the proven path towards the higher leadership