The Five 5 Qualities Of "Change Leadership"

The five 5 qualities of "Change Leadership"

In my organisation & beyond I have observed successful leaders & their attributes specially their implementation of “Change”. The five qualities that were common among them to successfully implement change were

1. They have immense levels of conviction about the change they are bringing. They are well prepared, researched and do not fumble for response when asked about it. They are more than willing to take questions about it from every quarter and do not hide from the cynics

2. They have the ability to communicate effectively their vision of change to the last person in the organisation. Such leaders ensure the last mile connectivity as a priority

3. They fully engage with all the stakeholders and inform them continuously about the changes being brought. They clearly spell out the incoming benefits accruing to the different stakeholders

4. They start training their cutting edge workforce especially in mindset change from the first day. Training to implement ideas has a special place in their strategy of things

5. They give out the message that they are willing to take all the responsibility of failure. But at the same time they indicate that success will be a team work achievement