The Five 5 Simple Ways To Analyse Leadership

The True Leader 
One may become leader by chance but to become true leader is different thing. The Leaders are tested through series of performances. there are 5 Five Simple ways to Analyze any leadership. 

The Five Factor Analysis 
  1. A leader is known by his personality. Analyze him from personality traits whether he suits his role
  2. A leader is supposed to create changes in an organisation to meet the desired goals. See if he has created those changes
  3. A leader is supposed to have the relevant skillset suited for his job. Analyze him from the skills perspective
  4. A leader has huge influence on his group members. Measure him from his influence angle
  5. True leadership excels in crisis. Observe him during the crisis events and see if he performed
( Source : Leadership by Peter Northouse )

They create unity of purpose 
A true leader will create “unity of purpose “for all in the organisation. A true leader leaves behind Legacy“ which is continued by his successors long after him. The most important Quality: A leader without Humanity,  Compassion, Empathy and Kindness  is no Leader even if he has all the above 5 five qualities.

Do You Agree with This ?