The Forced Happiness And The False Preachers

Happiness Defined ? 

The definition of Happiness is not as easy as it is felt.
To some happiness means simply living a good life.

But the problem is what is a good life ?

Different individuals, societies & nations have different perceptions about it.

But there is a consensus that economics forms the basic integral part of happiness.

How To Understand It 

To understand happiness we must also know what constitutes unhappiness. If we look at history the biggest factor for unhappiness is war, poverty, loss of peace & injustice.

But in peace times the greatest driver of unhappiness is income inequality & poverty.

The material drivers of happiness concerning economics are different from the psychological drivers of happiness.

Even the poorest can be happy but it is no choice situation for them. The poors have not been given material aspects to being happy.

They are only employing the psychological aspects which are mostly a compromise.

The False Preachers 

Some people pontificate that one can be happy even without economics. But such advocates are rarely poor themselves.

Only material state to happiness can be scientifically measured to a point.

Thought #leadership must strategize to create happiness mostly through economics with equity & equality.

What do you say?