The Four Criteria To Analyse Leadership

How do you analyse Leadership ?

We can't go into micro aspects & Research arena. That's not possible for many of us. Then what should we do? I have 4 set criteria by which I Macro analyze leadership. It is Philosophical, Ideological, Sociological & Psychological

Let us know them 

If any leadership's core philosophy is based on egalitarianism, harmony, pacifism, humanism, compassion, empathy, kindness, rationality, etc then it is fit to be considered. If not it must be rejected. 

At the Ideological level it must display all the strategy, tactics, plans , ideas etc that fully integrates with his/her Philosophical values. If there is glaring disconnect then that leadership is inconsistent & undependable. 

In the Sociological arena leadership must believe in merit, team work, responsibility to accept failures, respect for diversity , be accessible, communicable, visible, be the face of the organisation etc. 

The final verdict of leadership 

Based on the above 3 philosophical, ideological & sociological qualities if the leadership is able to inspire, give motivation, invigorate, unite, create hope etc to many numbers of individuals, that leadership has immense Psychological value. 

Even If all 3 is perfect except the philosophical qualities, I would still not consider it leadership

what do you say ?