The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In Decision Making

The Choices 

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Yes ! you read it correctly.

These are the exercisable choices we get in our leadership decision making roles.

It is easy to identify the good options as it distinctly stands out from the rest.

But how to differentiate between the bad and ugly options if we have only 2 choices to select from ?

The bad can transform into the ugly anytime & the ugly can convert to bad within no time.

This is the tricky situation.

The Real Test 

If leadership cannot distinguish between the bad & ugly, the consequences can be very costly.

There are ways in decision making which I learnt from my experiences.

👉Find out which of the options gives you the worst of the consequences. Probably that is your ugly option

👉You must summon all your experiences to tick the correct box. Leadership must have this inner knack of judging things

👉If not confidential decisions then seek the advise of the wise. Good #leaders must have access to wise men

👉Look for parallels in the past. Past is the present wrapped in some #history books

👉 If nothing is working out go for the option that least benefits the decision maker

👉 Act like the fiduciary

Even if your decisions are ugly but you acted in good faith there are chances that many will understand it