The Great Earthly Leadership Paradox

The Great Human Paradox

Enrico Fermi proposed a famous paradox. It says that when our galaxies have billions of planets, stars, heavenly bodies etc then where are all the "alien intelligent life"?

The probability of finding alien life is so high but why the evidence is so low ?

The changed paradox 

I have changed this paradox a bit.... When the world is having millions of educated, skilled, professional, scientific, technical & capable people, then why it does it seem there is less of humanity ? 

The probability of finding humanity seems so high but why the evidence is so less ?

The Great Earthly Paradox 

Why it seems the world is more divided, poor, elitist and unjust place than ever before ?

Why does it seem that hatred is increasing while love, kindness, empathy & compassion  is struggling ?

Why is it that more population of the world are living life in poverty?

Why is it that the earth resources are so much yet the wealth is concentrated in the few hands and in the few regions?

Isn't it the Great Earthly Paradox ?

Why is it that only few leaders are able to take this issue forward ? Why the leadership has  failed on this matter ?

Time to ponder & ask these searing questions