The Greatest Deficit Factor In Any Leadership

The Deficit 

There is one deficit which is the mother of all shortages.

Ambiguity may be a boon elsewhere but not here.

There is no midway existing per se.

I was reading about the autonomous & driverless cars and why it may not be the revolution in passenger category as we are expecting it to be.

It says that the greatest thing missing is not the technology but something called the “ Trust”.

The Sensory Trust 

Then I realised that for the humans to believe in the worldly process we must first convince our sensory aspects of personality.

For that trust to exist we must see, hear, feel and even smell.

To reach that utopian stage of sensory-less trust we need the mutation of trust itself.

So if the car is fully driving itself but the driver merely sits there even then we will believe the process but not without the driver.

Humans are trust & faith averse in the invisible process where life risks are involved.

The Leadership 

The same thing is about leadership.

Without the trust the concept of leadership does not exist.

Professionalism & expertise does matter but comes only after the trust factor.

Leadership must create trust first in their journey. Other things follows after that.

The absence of the trust makes it is merely a designation and a rank.

It is everything but not leadership.