The Higher Purpose Of Leadership And Nature

The First Question

Two questions have always come to my mind. Sometimes I answer it with satisfaction to myself and sometimes not. But the show goes on in my inner self waiting for the wisdom to dawn. 

“What is the purpose of nature ?” is the first question that challenges me. The answer is the best I could think of and it did satisfy me as well. I feel that the greatest purpose of nature is to allow us to exist with all our diversity and uniqueness and to create and sustain such an ecosystem that allows such diversity and uniqueness. 

Nature is Not Uniform

If nature would not have allowed us to exist we would never have known what nature actually is. Let us imagine the formation of earth directly after the Big Bang. We did not exist at that moment since the nature of that period did not allow us to exist. There are infinite celestial bodies whose Nature does not allow us to exist. So we do not exist at all there. 

To be precise nature itself is not uniform but diverse and unique. By its inherent nature, nature supports diversity and uniqueness. Nature cannot go against its own nature. This is the law of nature. 

The Second Question

“What is the purpose of leadership?” is the second question that comes to my mind. The best answer I could fathom is the one I am going to reveal here. The purpose of leadership is to create an ecosystem that allows everybody to exist in their own diversity and uniqueness. 

Just like nature does not talk about uniformity in physical and metaphysical sense the same truth goes for the leadership concept too. The leadership role is to sustain diversity with uniqueness to support the existence of everybody. 

Nature and Darwinism

There would be proponents of Darwinism who would say that nature only supports uniformity and the survival of the fittest. This is as far away from the truth as the end of our universe is. If that would have been the case then it was very easy for nature to permanently weed out the weakest and produce the strongest of the uniform species. 

It is not in the nature of nature to support the uniform, strong and the fittest only. But it is the human leadership who has some degree of control over nature and its resources that supports and promotes the fittest only. It is human leadership that distorts nature to support the strongest and the fittest only. 

Nature and Leadership

There is a definite link between the purpose of nature and leadership. Both are interlinked at the higher wisdom level as far as I can fathom. But this is the truth that leadership must know. We as a human civilization are at the mercy of nature but nature has allowed our existence for so long. This is an open source wisdom for human leadership to learn and act accordingly. 

Someday nature will self-destruct itself and take away human civilization along with itself. But when that would happen nobody knows. The purpose of leadership is not to hasten the demise of humanity before nature does it.

The sole purpose of leadership is to support the weakest of the weak, allow diverse thoughts to bloom and to motivate infinite uniqueness to prosper in the world. 

The purpose of leadership is not to make Social Darwinism come true.