The Knock Of Leadership

The Great Rain 

It was the mid 90s when I was preparing for the civil services exam. I had rented a room in a colony. Once torrential rain had started. The whole colony was waterlogged. I was waiting for my dinner box. But it did not come. The reason was obvious. Somehow I had some bread which sufficed

The morning was even worse. There was no way to go out. I also knew that the food box would not come today

The Knock of Leadership 

I heard some knocks on the door. I opened and saw my landlord standing there with a big food box. Very few times we had met. I was surprised. Before I could speak, he opened up. “ I know it would be difficult to manage as the things would stay like this for the next 24 hours”. 

I thanked him. Before departing he remarked that it is his duty to take care of his neighbor and also his business ethics to take care of his customers. 

Whether it was empathy, compassion, kindness, business ethics or leadership that I could not understand fully at that time. 

The Realization About Leadership

But now I realize it was the combination of all the above qualities. A decade or so after this incident I came to know that he was doing well in his business. And this came as no surprise to me. 

True leadership matters in life. 

You can relate further to your own stories.